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Exclusive tour

Transition Safari to Rotterdam IABR, the "It's about time" exhibition.

We gladly invite you to take part in the exclusive tour by coach to the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) exhibition "It's about time" on Friday 28/10/22.


Thinking differently about space and real estate

This tour will be in the presence of Joachim Declerck from Architecture Workroom Brussels, Derk Loorbach, curator of the IABR, director of Transition Institute DRIFT with whom we co-created the masterclass Space in Transition and Peter Veenstra, also curator of the IABR.

The exhibition "It's about time" appeals to the real estate professional to actually work towards solving socio-ecological urgencies. Transition management matters now, more than ever.

It's about time.

The 10th edition of the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam takes place in Rotterdam's port area. The exhibition IT'S ABOUT TIME will be presented in the Ferro, an imposing former natural gas holder in Rotterdam's western port area.

To give ourselves a real chance of a liveable future, we will have to start doing things radically differently. Instead of focusing on improving the existing, we need to focus on radical, doable transitions that will bring us closer to the world we want. A just and positive ecological future, in which consumption and production make a valuable contribution to people and nature, is the basis for this.



Datum Locatie Onderwerp Uur Spreker
28/10/2022 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam Rotterdam Transition Safari
Departure Brussels 11h00
Departure Antwerp 11h30
Lunch causerie 13h00 Joachim Declerck
Reception and introduction in the Ferro 15h00 Prof. dr. Derk Loorbach
Exhibition visit in presence 15h45 Prof. dr. Derk Loorbach
Departure 17h00
Arrival Antwerp 18h30
Arrival Brussels 19h00


Bopro is very pleased to offer you this unique experience.
To reserve your place, please register via the button below.
Note that places are limited. So, please make sure that you can attend when registered.
A no show will be charged at 100 Euro.



International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam Rotterdam
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